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Minnesota Home Talk is your resource to the Twin Cities real estate market.

We will be talking about topics that are relevant to our listeners, even if you are not currently in the market to buy or sell your home. Minnesota Home Talk will cover a variety of related topics that will prove educational, informative, and entertaining.

Jason Walgrave with The Minnesota Real Estate Team and RE/MAX Advantage Plus will provide the “insiders” perspective on topics that are headlining the news, and relevant to our listeners. Jason and his Team have developed an extensive network of industry specialists that will join the show to address specific topics each week.

LeaderOne Financial will present a mortgage market update each week.

Listeners are welcome to call in and ask the experts what you want to know about real estate and related topics. You are also encouraged to send us questions or comments via e-mail. All questions that are asked will be answered.

Please check out our schedule for topics of upcoming shows!