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Attorney Jerry P. Probst been practicing Bankruptcy and Real Property Law Since 1982. The extensive background in real estate law and contacts in the industry paved the way for J Probst Law to be one of the leading attorney based companies available to assist real estate agents and distressed homeowners in this unique real estate market.

  • Homeowners receive invaluable legal support and advice throughout the short sale process.
  • Real Estate Agents are once removed from the liability of these legally charged real estate transactions. The support of J Probst Law helps to ensure compliance and allows for the agent to focus on Selling homes!

STEP 1: Complete the ~Seller Registration~ located at www.jprobstlaw.com to initiate contact with our office at or before the time of listing. If you are uncertain whether or not the short sale is right for you, please mention this under “Do you have any immediate questions?”

STEP 2: Complete the ~Shortsale Initiation Package~ available for download from the document server page located at www.jprobstlaw.com. Additional lender specific documents will be provided as required based on information provided in the seller’s initial registration.

STEP 3: Return ALL Documents within 14 days of registration using any of the following options to insure proper handling!

  • by Fax to: 800-390-4834 (alt fax 866-905-1558)
  • by Email to: docs@jprobstlaw.com
  • by YouSendIt from the Link found on our Document Server Page at www.jprobstlaw.com

STEP 4: Continue to provide fresh Bank Statements and Paystubs or Proof of Income as they become available to you MONTHLY until the Short Sale has been approved.

STEP 5: Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook to catch important and interesting updates about real estate specific to the short sale industry.