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Good Stuff Moving Service

245 East Roselawn Ave, Suite 21
Maplewood MN 55117
Phone: 651-488-4808

Good Stuff Moving is a local moving company owned and operated by Brent Stone and Paul Harvieux. Started 15 years ago with one 20 foot truck and a stack of moving blankets. The fleet now consist of 17 fully outfitted moving trucks and 40 guys. The primary business is local relocations of houses, apartments, condos and businesses. Good Stuff Moving has its authority to transport household goods across stateliness also. Our warehouse is full of free boxes for our customers. Available for pick up on Friday’s and Monday’s from 7:00 to 5:00. There is a $2.00 deposit per box. Bring back to the warehouse on a Friday or Monday for a full refund. Please remember that Spring, Summer and Fall is our season so please schedule your free onsite estimate early if possible.

*Five different ways to hire Good Stuff Moving*

-Did you know there are many different ways to hire Good Stuff Moving?  Here are five of the most popular!

Option # 1; Furniture Only (”I just don’t want to lift my furniture”).

- Have Good Stuff move just the big heavy furniture that you don’t want to handle yourself. We show up, you

tell us which pieces you want moved, we move them, and we’re out of there!

- Usually the most cost effective option.  Packing and prep tips at

Option # 2; Furniture and Boxes Only (”I can take car loads over, but I don’t have

time to take boxes over”).

- Pack your household goods into boxes and move the small / misc. items over yourself. (i.e. plants, lamps,

pictures, toys, garage items, etc…anything that can fit into your vehicle)

- Have Good Stuff move your furniture and boxes only.

- Most popular option.  Packing tips at

Option # 3 Everything moved (”I don’t want to move a thing but I can pack myself”)

- Pack all your household goods into boxes (except liquids) and have Good Stuff move everything.

245 E.Roselawn Ave Suite #21 Maplewood MN, 55117 /   .

- Less work for you… all you need to do is pack, label, and then tell us where everything goes!

-Packing tips at

Option # 4 (”I don’t want to do a thing”)

- Have Good Stuff complete a full service pack and move for you. Day one we come over, pack all of you

household goods into boxes, and prepare your items to be moved. Day two we move everything into your new


- Special rates apply

- Good Stuff really stresses the importance of free, on-site estimates for option #4.

Option # 5 Labor only (”I don’t need a truck”)

- Hire Good Stuff Moving to load or unload your truck.

- Great option for people moving in from out of town. Call us and we will take care of everything for you while

you check out your new home!

-Cash or credit card accepted only for option #5.