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Why We Do What We Do

If you could choose between doing business with a random stranger or an American Military Veteran, who would you choose?

Welcome to TRUST VETS, a national network of American Military Veteran business professionals and entrepreneurs. Our Online Directory of Veterans at makes it simple to seek out and do business with verified Veterans in our communities.

“We connect Veterans to the powerful camaraderie they once knew and trusted. Often after just one Trust Vets meeting or event, members and visitors leave emotionally bound to the Trust Vets mission.” – Joe Johnson, Founder, TRUST VETS.

Trust Vets members are focused on loyalty and service to one another. Membership allows Veterans to enjoy a culture of abundance and surround themselves with fellow professionals who work together to succeed.

“We’re stronger as a unit than we are as individuals. We’re now able to spend time talking, listening and sharing our experiences. We’re making sure that we in the Veteran community are making business better for everyone in the community.” – Donald Raleigh, Trust Vets Member

What We’ve Discovered

  • 97% of American’s view Veterans in a favorable light.
  • Every American can easily participate in the success of Veterans.
  • 60% of Veterans desire to own a business (only 17% do).

Whether Veterans have been in business for years or are just starting out, Trust Vets creates an immediate audience and impact for its members.

Unite business professionals and entrepreneurs who have served in the United States Armed Forces.

Who We Are
We are a central hub where Veterans in the business community connect, collaborate and succeed through our Trust Vets Online Directory of Veterans and in-person networking events.

We’ve built a solid foundation including hundreds of success stories, organizational alliances and coordination of monthly networking events in several cities. The majority of Americas Veterans wish to continue serving our communities through their businesses and civilian careers. It’s time to expand Trust Vets nationwide and make it easy for Veterans to serve each other and their neighbors.

Trust Vets strengthens the economy for Veterans in business and has become a self-contained stimulus package for its members.

The most common feedback we hear is, “it’s about time.”