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Who we are
United Credit Consultants is the most respected, locally owned credit repair and credit education company that services the Minneapolis, MN area and throughout the entire nation. United Credit Consultants is one of the only credit services in Minnesota that is licensed with the MN Dept. of Commerce. U.C.C. is a true leader in credit repair and the credit rebuilding process. U.C.C. has taken credit repair and the process of restoration to levels that have not been seen before.

What we do
We make it simple for you. We do the leg work! U.C.C. Our first step in the process is to find out the client’s goals. Knowing what the client is trying to do is KEY when it comes to creating a game plan on the correct steps to take to improve one’s credit legally, correctly and most of all…FAST! U.C.C. has trained and educated staff that will work with you throughout the entire process. We feel it takes a team to help educate and clean your credit report correctly and professionally. Your credit advisor will guide you through your report, educating you on the process of credit repair. Our credit repair program and system is specifically designed individually for everyone of our clients to produce optimal results as efficiently as possible. Improving your credit will improve your buying power and your overall financial situation. To track your progress we have designed a unique credit tracking software system through our website that allows our clients to track their progress easily online at any time. Our goal is to help consumers rebuild not only their credit reports, but their lives as well. We Feel by educating the client on the bureaus, the FICO system and what it takes to accurately restore their credit, it is what separates us from the rest.

How it Works
U.C.C. takes pride in the credit education we give during the repair process because we truly feel that it is not about what you, the client, think is the correct step to take in the clean up process. It is about understanding that the credit bureaus are all individually owned and operated, which means they have their own rules, laws and systems within themselves. Understanding their system is key when it comes to taking the right step at the right time. Updating your credit report is the fastest way to improve your score. To update it, we will send dispute letters directly to the credit bureaus to challenge the inaccurate and old unverifiable accounts and information that is not current on your credit file. Removing these accounts will help improve your credit rating with the credit bureaus, thus boosting your overall credit score. During the entire process we will also guide you on your open trade lines and how to manage them correctly.
The U.C.C. service is a “Three Step Process”
#1) Cleaning up your unverifiable past negative account information off the credit report.
#2) Educating the client on the current laws and FICO system to take correct proactive steps.
#3) Rebuilding your report with correct positive accounts for the future!
We offer a FREE, NO RISK consultation with one of our trained representatives. We have no upfront costs or hidden fees. We offer payment plans and couples discounts! Contact United Credit Consultants today where we can help you get back on track

United Credit Consultants will work meet with all of our clients in the Minneapolis – St. Paul area and beyond to every state in the U.S.

United Credit Consultants™ is a fully licensed Credit Services Organization out of the Twin Cities area located at 418 Gateway Blvd, Burnsville, Minnesota (MN) . United Credit Consultants™ specializes in credit report investigation services, credit building tactics, account management solutions, credit education & advising and an additional license in the debt settlement industry. The debt settlement option is a feature to complete accounts and finalize lending options.

United Credit Consultants™ has an unmatched relentless effort to provide industry leading resources, solutions and programs to consumers from all walks of life. Program services offered with United Credit Consultants™ are individually branded and trademarked specific for consumers that are in need of lending opportunities but their current credit score, credit profile and credit status is not in position that will receive a pre-approval from any bank or lending institution. These Programs offered create a unique step by step path for each client that enrolls. Having these options, ensures that each client is given the right information at the correct time to place them on the accurate path within the United Credit Consultants™ credit recovery program overall.